Some days are just plain boooring to talk about.  Today is one of those days.

Do you want to hear about how I folded my laundry in the KonMari Style, or how I chased away my cat, Manu from chewing on my knee?

Maybe you want to hear about the crazysauce that is finding a doctor in Central New York.

It took me a week of phone calls. Of cold calling number after number on my list, asking “are you taking new patients” …. “NO…, oh ok”   *click*

Finally I emailed my Ohio doctor and he gave me a tip, so I reached out to the university and was able to find through the residency program an office that had gotten new doctors thus, was taking new patients.

Even with that, the next available appointment for me to have my”get to know me and all my meds” was mid-january.  exhausting.

If I had the desire to do so, I might try to do some research to figure out why it is so crowded here, that the ratio is so bad. Is it harder to be a doctor in NY? Do other states pay better? I’m sure their is something.

Lesson? Does a blog need one? If you move to a new state, start looking for a new doctor ASAP, you know, before your mind saving meds run out. (ps, mine didn’t!)

Also my Yule Tree is decked out in all kinds of geekery. Enjoy.

dec daily 0138-December 06, 2017

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