Today. has. been. exhausting.




dec daily forestport 0193-December 08, 2017

Drove a little more than an hour to meetup with some other photographers and meetup at a waterfall/dam in Forestpark NY. I thought I knew what the weather was going to be like, but somehow 20 Degrees was much colder than I was ready to handle. So here I am trampling in the snow with my Camdon-Helper dragging along my tripod behind me.

I felt like a total walking disaster.  My brand new New Balance boots weren’t worn in yet, and i’m making my way along slippery slopes covered in a thin layer of snow and a thick layer of ice. I dropped a lense in the snow. I dropped filters in the snow. I couldn’t feel my fingers.  I was grumpy.

But you know what it was fun. I got some nice shots — I am not great at nature photography. I learned what kind of tools i’m missing for good waterfal shots… I ate in this dinner with the rest of the photographers talking shop and what not.


And to wind the day down there was a trip to the library, comic books and starbucks.

So a grumpy day can still be a good day.


P.S. Most of the waterfall pictures will be on my patreon later this month!

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