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I was getting ready to write. I was snuggled in my blanket.

When my cat Manu was hunting my other cat Bandit. These two do. not. like. each. other.  (and please, no advice. we are working on it)

But Manu was way more riled up than normal and I got the brunt force of his “play” all over my arm and leg now. Looks like it’s time to clip the nails again.

Anywaaaaays, that being said, I spent the afternoon drawing. Baaadly.  I am so rusty, it’s not even funny. And the location, the historical society, wasn’t really setup for comfortable positions, so after the first long session my back was a mess.

I took a note from some of the other artists, put my easel away and sat on the floor with my back up against some steps, and that helped.

Normally we aren’t allowed to take pictures, but today was different.  This was a genuine flapper dress she was wearing.  The only camera I had with me was my Lomo’Instant so I just rolled with it.

instax life02720171210-instax life024






Look at that dress, and you can’t see here how shiny it is. It sparkled! And she had this round face that seemed to fit perfectly.

My arm hurts, it’s bleeding, i think it’s bedtime. 😉



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