The Last Jedi

I saw Star Wars this weekend. Spoilers ahead…




I generally loved it. I don’t think I loved it as much as The Force Awakens. I loved how Ren and Rey talked, how they connected on that level, it brought something deeper into the film than i expected.

I hated Yoda. I hated the little goofy creatures that just showed up for some kind of comic effect but only cause me irritation.

I loved the cinematic fight on the white/red sand. the imagery their tore my visual insides into a happy place.  And so many feels at the end.

I know people hated it. I am not sure why though. I was avoiding spoilers. Sometimes we think we have a right to expect a movie to be or play out a certain way.  But honestly, we don’t. We aren’t entitled to decide on another’s creative process. (I mean, unless we are asked right?)  We can have thoughts, and feels, and like or dislike, but deciding that “it wasn’t a star wars movie” that’s bullshit.

My 2 credits for the day,


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