I was given some news today.

news I can’t talk about.

I am terrible at secrets. If you know me well you know this. I don’t like being told secrets. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve told me something truly personal I won’t talk about it. But there is this sort of area where people tell you things that they don’t want others to know but don’t expressly tell you that.

If it is something exciting, or something sad, my empathy will kick in.  And it kicks in harder when I have been drinking.

And I will tell people.  I do this in a well meaning way. In an excited i’m so happy or sad about this thing happening to this person.

And then i’ll stop and think “oh shit, was that a secret”


So this is something I’ve been trying to change, i see this habit, well intentioned as it may be, as gossip. And I don’t like gossip. It’s not inherently bad or anything, I just want to exist on a level a step deeper than that. One of respect for other people to tell the stories they want to tell, when they want to tell them.

Maybe someday I’ll even consider myself trustworthy!

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