Paradise Island

Hawai'i - 2018 -0809-2Aloha!

I recently returned from my first trip to the state of Hawai’i. Most of my time was spent on the island of Kauai.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I felt worlds more peaceful and happy. Full of sunshine, beaches and “Aloha Spirit” this place sung to my heart.

I was there to see sights, take pictures, go to a

Hawai'i - 2018 -1624

wedding and just experience the love of an island that is so encased into my magical beliefs it felt like seeing the face of my Goddess.

I stood on the beach and watched the moonrise. I layed in the waters and watched Honu (turtles) bob heads up and down. I drank the nectar of my favorite brewery, Kona, from the source (when I went to the big island)

I watched the dance and story unfold of a lūʻau, the fire and spirit. I spent money on goods made by locals, from food to hand blown glass. And spent money on some cheap tourist goods when I struggled to find the “made in kauai” label. Hawai'i - 2018 -1942


I searched for sushi.  I mean, hunted, googled, drove…. Most of my dinners were pre-planned, and lunch sushi on the islands seems non existence. 4 times I found a restaurant that spoke of sushi, but never at lunch time. I ate one of the BEST burgers of my life, cut from a local cow, topped with bbq and pineapple.

At one point I tried to get our rental stuck in a road full of potholes as I followed google to what was supposed to be a popular public beach (that being said, we found a great beach full of campers but I don’t think it was the beach we were looking for lol)

Hawai'i - 2018 -1553I went to a coffee plantation and learned about the ways of the bean. And probably had the freshest coffee of my life.

I saw cats, everywhere. It was awesome. sweet, friendly things that lived in stores or hung around our airBnB. And the roasters! I think the locals find them annoying but I found them fucking delightful.

Hawai'i - 2018 -1447.jpg

The worst part of the trip? Leaving. And I mean that in more than one way. Leaving made me sad, but a broken down plane, 2 days of flights, 4 hours of sleep because of it — caused me all kinds of jet lag and insomnia for days.

Hawai'i - 2018 -0964

But I hope I can keep Aloha with me always, and maybe run a little bit more on island time than new york time.

Most of the photos I took will be posted to my patreon. Support me now to help keep the beauty flowing. ❤


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