Scottish Games

A few weeks ago I went to the Scottish Games here in CNY. I had never been to anything just like this. Renny fairs sure, but this had way more … Scottishness… To it lol.

The pictures really are all I need to say.



Worlds Best Cat Toy

What. you think i’m joking right?

I’m not sure I am lol.

cat with toy

Ok so it starts with the fact that I volunteer at pet-smart/CNY cat collation on Wednesdays. That means I play with cats, clean cages etc for 2 hours every week. Often this is also means I’m being introduced to 4-5 different cats each week.

We have a bunch of different wand toys. but only one toy seems to matter.  Its a wand toy with a rubbery end that lets it bounce, and has a mousy looking end with leather.

It makes ALL the cats go crazy. They all want to play, and pounce. I pull out a different wand toy and they might play a minute but then get bored. Well 2 weeks ago it broke, was taped back together, broke, tapped, etc. So i thought i’d try to find a new one. And I did, its on Amazon. ( link:

I bought two, thinking maybe my cat would like it to.  It didn’t just LIKE it. He’s fucking obsessed with it.  as soon as it came out of the box he was meowing. We played. I went upstairs to get work done. He dragged it up the stairs and meowed. We played. I went downstairs to make lunch. He dragged it back down the stairs and meowed, we played. Later I am skyping with friends, and he drags it and lays it *on my foot* and meows. I kid you not.

manu with toy 1

This morning, he drags it into the *bathroom* and meows at me while I am showering. Let me tell you, my cat has never done any of this before. He also doesn’t get bored of it. other wand toys eventually he lays on his back and expects you to just play with him in that position. here he continues to chase the toy endlessly.  … Maybe he’ll finally lose wait.

So I just HAD to share with you all about this great toy your cat may love as well.




For the first time, I got to experience passover/seder. It was a friend-over so to speak. I enjoy experiencing other peoples rituals. It lets me feel more connected to those friends. Ritual also brings me closer to my own inner spirit.  I loved everything that happened last night, from klingon prayer, to friends to an overkill on how much food I ate.


I love matzo soup! yum.






Freckles for Pets

Happy Caturday.


This guy was super shy at first but then all happy playful loving after he got used to me.  The snow is starting to clear here in Syracuse, but I fear its not gone yet.

Most of my blog posts are pictures and that isn’t what I meant totally for them to be. So you might start seeing more of me just talking and sharing.

xoxo, raven.




children are not what I love to photograph primarily.  Honestly I prefer adults and cats. But when a beautiful child enters into my view I can’t help but to pull out my camera and capture that beauty.


Look at that face! so sweet!


it just makes me wish for a nap, you know. Lets laze about in the sunshine dreaming our days away.




Beauty Untold

Is it really untold, if i’m going to tell you about it? haha. probably not.

You ask anyone, anyone at all, and they can tell you that I do not like to be cold, that I loathe it.

So of course I picked up my bags and moved to central new york.  But kats, this place has a wild wonder about it. The snow is stunning. So yesterday I decided to go stomp around in my backyard(ish) area. I took my Lomo Instant camera and my macro lense and just spent some time with the white fluffy stuff.



And then I keep taking pictures, of cats and downtown Syracuse.



The Blue Tusk is a lovely bar that lets us get together on monday nights and boardgame. Such epic times are had at this lovely establishment.

lomo syr edit-016-2

I hope your winter is as full of inner warmth as mine!





What can I say, I went back to the zoo this weekend. When you can get in free with your camera, it is just so tempting. maybe what i mean is wonderful.

The red panda came back out to say hi, and i spent an enormous amount of time with the penguins.  Also this cute little Fennec Fox.

I sat on the floor next to a lion. At least, that’s what it felt like. I have never been so close. Only two glass panels between me and its growling. I could’ve sat there for hours just basking its its awesomeness.

For more red pandas, become a patreon backer at

peace and love



Zoo Stars!

rosamond zoo 2018 -2179

Today in balmy 40 degree weather, I meet up with a group of photographers and went to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse.  In January every year, they let photographers in free and run a photo contest.

My favorite parts of this zoo were the red panda, penguins and the SLOTH. I mean, HELLO, this was my first time seeing a real life, in my face sloth. And he was moving around and being sloth like. It was fantastic.


As always, more (and generally the best images) will be put up on my patreon. 

Happy Weekend,