Freckles for Pets

Happy Caturday.


This guy was super shy at first but then all happy playful loving after he got used to me.  The snow is starting to clear here in Syracuse, but I fear its not gone yet.

Most of my blog posts are pictures and that isn’t what I meant totally for them to be. So you might start seeing more of me just talking and sharing.

xoxo, raven.



The Last Jedi

I saw Star Wars this weekend. Spoilers ahead…




I generally loved it. I don’t think I loved it as much as The Force Awakens. I loved how Ren and Rey talked, how they connected on that level, it brought something deeper into the film than i expected.

I hated Yoda. I hated the little goofy creatures that just showed up for some kind of comic effect but only cause me irritation.

I loved the cinematic fight on the white/red sand. the imagery their tore my visual insides into a happy place.  And so many feels at the end.

I know people hated it. I am not sure why though. I was avoiding spoilers. Sometimes we think we have a right to expect a movie to be or play out a certain way.  But honestly, we don’t. We aren’t entitled to decide on another’s creative process. (I mean, unless we are asked right?)  We can have thoughts, and feels, and like or dislike, but deciding that “it wasn’t a star wars movie” that’s bullshit.

My 2 credits for the day,



Classic Snow


Today, we got the first serious snow since my move to Syracuse.


Big puffy fluffs all over the place with more to come. So I bundled myself up, and went out with my camera(s), testing out my new boots.

The sound of snow plows and dogs whistled in my ears as I strolled around my apartment complex. Eventually my better senses came to me and I went back inside to the warmth and some tea.


Walking in the snow, when you don’t have to be anywhere is actually really relaxing. I didn’t think I liked snow, but today might have put a seed in my heart to change my mind. Don’t worry sunshine!  you are always my first love.

Guys, thanks so much for reading about my little adventures,


Oh. P.S. if you become a patreon you can see some more beautiful macro shots of today’s snow!



Sorrowful Kitty

december dailies bandit-0113

What plight is this? Bandit is saying to me I am sure.

I desperately wish cats could understand me when I say “its ok, you’ll be ok”

Bandit is covered it scabs. Since at least october. He saw a vet in ohio, and was given an injection. We thought it was stress, but he also went on flea treatment. The scabs have flared back up — probably the steroid wore off.

So off we go to a new vet. Stack Vet was so warm and friendly, they even have a separate waiting room for kitties! And now bandit is on hypoallergenic cat food, as diet is probably the cause for the reaction.

But we take care of our cats. Sometimes more than we take care of ourselves or our friends. Because pets always seem so innocent and free. With their non judgemental head butts and panicked chasing after the house elves.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love each other as much as we love our fur babies. If we bring love to the table, the table is full with love. So in this time when fur babies are tortured by vets, and storms brew and lightning strikes all around us, send a little love to the friends and strangers alike near you.


december dailies bandit-0109



So I decided to do the daily december blog thing-a-majier.

But I was super unhappy with how my wordpress blog looked from back years ago when i made this. Soooo i spent the last hour fixing it up, and now i feel to tired to really write about the things i was thinking. Silly me.

I’ve had a beer, played a boardgame and ate some sushi today. this makes it a goooood day.

more. tomorrow. i promise (myself)