Beauty Untold

Is it really untold, if i’m going to tell you about it? haha. probably not.

You ask anyone, anyone at all, and they can tell you that I do not like to be cold, that I loathe it.

So of course I picked up my bags and moved to central new york.  But kats, this place has a wild wonder about it. The snow is stunning. So yesterday I decided to go stomp around in my backyard(ish) area. I took my Lomo Instant camera and my macro lense and just spent some time with the white fluffy stuff.



And then I keep taking pictures, of cats and downtown Syracuse.



The Blue Tusk is a lovely bar that lets us get together on monday nights and boardgame. Such epic times are had at this lovely establishment.

lomo syr edit-016-2

I hope your winter is as full of inner warmth as mine!




Classic Snow


Today, we got the first serious snow since my move to Syracuse.


Big puffy fluffs all over the place with more to come. So I bundled myself up, and went out with my camera(s), testing out my new boots.

The sound of snow plows and dogs whistled in my ears as I strolled around my apartment complex. Eventually my better senses came to me and I went back inside to the warmth and some tea.


Walking in the snow, when you don’t have to be anywhere is actually really relaxing. I didn’t think I liked snow, but today might have put a seed in my heart to change my mind. Don’t worry sunshine!  you are always my first love.

Guys, thanks so much for reading about my little adventures,


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